StatisticsReview of Ralli-Round

We take great pride in our ability to rebuild old cars with problems like rust. Alfa Romeo's are famous for having rusty underbodies. Major projects are rare and costly but sometimes needed to return a car to its former glory. An excellent example of the work we have done is the restoration of a 1974 GTV. It's engine bay was very rusted. We put in a new preformance engine, installed a new exhaust, had the car repainted and repaired the front end. In the pictures bellow you can see some of the process and work we did on this GTV. Such work is expensive but if you have the time and money you can see how great the outcome can be.

Another good example of work we have done is a 93 Toyota Supra. This car in its past had alot of poorly done work to it. We have done extensive work on this car, including fixing his disfuntioning Turbocharger, converting it from an automatic to a manual transmission and installing new seats and interior. Bellow are a few pictures of the new interior. On the custom parts page you can see a few other pictures from this project.